Introducing the”Winedrops Pay-per-use System”

Our goal is to spread knowledge of the huge Italian ampelographic heritage, focusing on its inimitable native grapevines richness.

We therefore pay particular attention to small cellars that produce wines from indigenous grapevines, or in any case particularly linked to the territory, and we distribute them using a model, the “pay-per-use” Winedrops System, which minimizes the risks for entrepreneurs in the sector (restaurants, wine bars, wine shops) , allowing them to insert and test references in their wine lists that, otherwise, would have been considered too "risky".

Winedrops' path is aimed at amplifying the market demand for "niche wines", helping the supply chain to get in touch with Consumers.

We have chosen to follow this path because we are aware that discovery of indigenous grape’s wines from Italy enhances our Clients' Wine Lists, helps to distinguish the Selection offered and allowing Consumers to come into contact with new realities and exceptional wines.

"If you do not display the product, the customer will not be able to buy it because he does not know it ...!"


Carlo Schettino

Founder - CEO - Marketing & Sales

Our wine consultants team is at your service.

Winedrops Consultants - a group of passionate and expert sommeliers - are at your service to advise and assist you in everything concerning your Wine List and the supply of products from our Wineries. A group of curious researchers who have, in their DNA, the love for wine and respect and gratitude for the hard work behind each glass, to give us the experiences that only "loved" wines can give.