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"Will I take this wine, or not…?" – You know why this is a question that our Clients are NOT asking...?

We know that it is not easy for a restaurant, a wine bar or a wine shop to offer its Customers, unknown wines or grapevines: after having tested, appreciated and purchased that particular product that has thrilled you to the point of having put it in wine list, the risk is that this enthusiasm is not shared by your Customers, and that that wine remains sadly unsold.

The “Winedrops Pay-per-use System” allows our customers to test the inclusion of indigenous grapevines, mostly unknown, in their wine list, without any risk of investing economic resources in a wine that may not sell as much as they hoped for. In addition, our model allows them to listen to the customer voice  – the only one who actually decides the success of the wine – simply allowing him to meet an “unknown” wine and appreciate it, freely … Leave your customer free to taste and browse among “your” Research Wines …

You take it... and you’ll pay it only if you’ve sold it!

What’s better? You will pay only the sold wines, after selling it! The very small minimum orders allow you to insert different references on your wine list, with the awareness of not taking any risks and not immobilizing precious economic resources in the cellar; in addition, our consultants are always available with valuable advice and proposals on the wine list and updated catalogues. Winedrops delivers, with its own means or partners shipping services, 2 days a week in City and around Cities, so you can select and test numerous references, in a short time and very easily.


Problems with managing the wine list and economic value capitalization in the cellar?

Watch and listen to our main Clients’ interview, (italian only) and how their collaboration with Winedrops has helped them in solving their problems.