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WINEDROPS - Research Wines, distributed by pay per use system.

Winedrops  is a wine distribution company that has been operating in the Milan area for over a decade; we serve restaurants, wine bars and wine shops offering selected wines from native grapevines and using the innovative sales pay-per-use system, introduced for the first time in the On Premises

Winedrops offers to the retail operators the possibility to insert truly peculiar products in their wine list, minimizing economic risk and with the possibility, to return them to Winedrops if they don’t meet the customers’ taste, without any cost more.


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  • I am a restaurant / wine shop / winebar owner and I am interested in your proposal. What should I do to have your wines on sale?

    Contact us at +39 351 7904079 or at the email adress and you can arrange an appointment with one of our consultants at your office, without any commitment on your part.

  • Should I join your System, will I have to sign an exclusive agreement with Winedrops?

    We do not require any form of exclusivity, however, you will have to sign a specific contract type to activate the Pay-per-use System: you can therefore choose even a single Winedrops reference, continuing to also use your usual suppliers.

  • "Wine for consignment" means that I will only pay for the wine that I have actually sold? And when will I pay it?

    That's right, you will pay only for the wines you have already sold. Every first week of the month, following the last deliveries, your Winedrops consultant will carry out the inventory detection in your presence, determining the sales; an invoice will be issued on this sold, to be paid by the end of the month of detection (Eg: deliveries month 1 -> inventory detection first week of month 2 -> issue of consumption invoice month 1 -> deadline month from issuing date).

  • If a wine that you provided to me on consignment is not required by my Customers, can I return it to you?

    Of course! The ability to test different references without running the risk of immobilizing capital in the cellar is one of our strengths ... why not take advantage of it? With Winedrops, wine is the circulating capital of your initiative, it generates value and does not absorb it.

  • Are there any minimum order quantities?

    Yes, but they are really minimal: 5 cartons for the City or at least 200.00 €uro equivalent, or 6 cartons for the Main Area around City or at least 250.00 €uro equivalent. Remember also that, at any time and for any reason, you have the right to return one or more references to Winedrops.

  • If I don't want wines on consignment but prefer to pay for what I order? It's possible?

    We do believe that Pay-per-use System it is the most advantageous sales counter model for our Customers, but we obviously offer the possibility to buy our wines in a "traditional" way.

  • Can private Clients buy directly from you?

    Winedrops reports to the Consumer the Customer / Retail Operator closest to him or that surely has the requested wines in charge. We are for teamwork, we don't play across the board...

  • Is it possible to download your On Premise price list?

    The list for professionals in the sector is presented by our Consultants, we request an appointment at the email address or WhatsApp at no. +39 351 7904079 indicating the name of your business.